Polini E-bike HI-SPEED Tuning Module - 50KM/H Pedal Assist

Thu, 14 Dec 2017 11:37:00
Electric bicycle tuning is growing as you would expect, every one loves fresh air and most people like pedalling around on bicyles but it can be tiring, pedal assistance with an electric motor has got to be the way forward.

Polini's HI-SPEED module/dongle is designed to get you past the 25km/h limit set by the manufacturers which seems to be the sweet spot of where the real enjoyment starts. Plug in the Polini unit and the pedal assist mode is active up to 50km/h which is just over 30mph.
Installation is easy, not too intrusive and can be reversed quickly, wiring is connected directly to the originals using the same connectors.

Polini HI-SPEED E-Bike is available for the following electric bicycle motors

Bosch Active Line, Bosch Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Lince CX

Bosch Classic, Classic Plus (Gen 1)

Yamaha PW series 2015/2016

Yamaha PW-X series 2017 > Onwards

Brose ebike

Shimano Steps E6000/E8000

Panasonic 36V Center Mounted Unit