Honda PSi 125 and SH 125 i exhaust from Tecnigas 4Scoot

Thu, 31 Jul 2014 09:22:00

Tecnigas exhaust systems for scooters and mopeds are becoming increasingly more popular as people realise what we have been seeing for many years.
The new 4Scoot for the Honda SH 125, PS i 125 and @125 i adds to the range and keeps within the criteria you would be looking for when replacing a system on your maxi scooter.

The 4 Scoot stainless steel exhaust is a good choice for a few reasons, it offers a good performance increase over the standard unit. The longevity of the system is increased due to the materials used to make it and the price we are managing to offer this for is much lower than the original Honda scooter exhaust.