Which way should the variator rollers be fitted?

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Fitting the variator rollers Step 1

On some brands of rollers you will notice that one side of the roller has more polymer coating than the other. So one side you can see the metal sleeve and the other it is covered by the polymer coating.

If this is the case then there is a right and wrong way to install the rollers into the variator. If you have the variator flat on a table insert the rollers into the ramp channels of the variator making sure you work in an anti clockwise direction. The side of the roller with the most polymer must be the leading side as you work your way around. So at the bottom of the variator closest to you the covered edge will be facing to the right and then follow it round anti clockwise.

See the next pictureas it will clarify what is meant.

Fitting the variator rollers Step 2

If rollers are installed the wrong way around the metal inserts could and more than likely will travel to the side of the ramp wall. When this happens it will not only ware the ramp wall and the roller but it will also assist in building temperature which will cause problems in transmission response.