How do you change the gearbox oil?

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Changing the gearbox oil Step 1

The principle for changing the gear oil is pretty much the same on all automatic scooters. If you look at the crank case near the rear wheel you should see the filler cap on the top. It’s usually a small plastic screw cap similar to that of a dip stick on 4 stroke engines as shown in the picture above.

Changing the gearbox oil Step 2

Underneath the casing almost directly under the filler cap is where you will find the drain plug. This is like a sump plug on a 4 stroke engine and can be removed with a spanner, socket or an Allan key dependant on the scooter model.

Changing the gearbox oil Step 3

1. Remove the filler cap from the crank case.

Changing the gearbox oil Step 4

2. Remove the drain plug or bolt and allow a few minutes for the oil to drain while the bike is sat upright, this will empty the gearbox. It’s worth noting that a few scooter models will not have a drain plug in the position mentioned, for these models you will need to remove the crankcase cover and drain the gearbox out of the side of the transmission cover, usually from one of the lowest fixing bolts.

3. Once you have drained the oil put the drain plug back in ensuring it is tight, wipe away any oil that may have spilled onto the casings so that it is dry and clean so you can check for leaks afterwards.

Changing the gearbox oil Step 5

4. Now you are ready to put in the new gear oil. You need to use a thin EP (extreme pressure) transmission fluid; we normally use EP 80W/90 which can be purchased in small tubes making it easy to fill the gear box. Most scooters have the amount of oil require stamped onto the casing around the filler area, for most 50cc models they only hold around 110 – 120ml but please check before filling as it does vary from model to model. Once you have refilled your oil re-tighten the filler plug, we recommend you start your bike on the stand and allow the wheel to spin for a few seconds, then turn off the engine and check for any leaks around the drain plug.