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Gilera Runner and Piaggio Zip Tecnigas Q-Tre exhaust system

Product Code: AD/TSLQ08

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Tecnigas Q-Tre Exhaust System
Piaggio 50cc 2T engines

The Q-Tre range of systems from Tecnigas falls somewhere in between their popular Trek and Silent Pro range, offering almost Trek like performance with the simplicity and low price of the Silent Pro. The design and dimensions of the expansion chamber are very similar to the Trek system which is already the best performing system in the sub £100 category that we have ever tested. This means you can expect some serious power gains making your scooter pack some punch. To get the price down Tecnigas obviously had to cut costs somewhere and they did so mainly in the design of the bracket and silencer clamp. The bracket is made from steel and welded to the expansion chamber offering a rigid fix unlike the sophisticated aluminium rubber bushed bracket of the Trek, the silencer clamp is a steel piece welded to the silencer which helps to reduce components and costs furthermore. All in all the result is possibly the best performing system on the market for this sort of money and to be honest we like the raw look and the angle that the silencer takes once fitted to the scooter.

Please note you will need to install lighter rollers when fitting this exhaust system.

OUR PRICE: £72.00

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